The idea behind creating “Toob Time” was based on actual river tubing, which is extremely popular during the summer months on the Comal River in Texas. Each year, thousands of tourists and locals alike, enjoy a relaxing time floating down the river in a tube. The Creator, intending to cross promote the game with his Tubing Outfit (Comal Tubes), had a vision… Play the video game, get free tubing. How would he do it?

Toob Time is an addictive game that is available on Apple iOS and Google play. The aim of the game is real simple, you just tube down the river and avoid passers by, easy right? WRONG! As you navigate your way through the river, every few second’s you have obstacles getting in the way, usually other people relaxing on tubes. You must manoeuvre your tube to avoid hitting them as well as not touching the riverbank. If you touch either of them its game over. The current of the river slowly moves your tube from left or right which adds an extra layer of complexity to this simple yet addictive game.

The gameplay for Toob Time is amazingly simple, you have two buttons, one to move your tube left, and another to edge it right. It sounds all too simple, but after a few minutes of playing Toob Time I will guarantee you won’t put it down. The game is simple yet very addictive. The graphics of Toob Time resemble the game play, old school and simple which in my book never fails. It reminds me of the simpler days when I used to play games such as Tetris or Golden Axe, which even today are considered some of the best games out their.

The game is free for everyone to download. It works on all smart phones and tablet computers that run on Apple iOS or Google Play. Toob Time has an player leaderboard so you can test your might against other players or send challenges to your friends who also have the game download on their device. You can then brag about your score by posting to Twitter or Facebook at the touch of a button. Don’t be fooled, this is no easy game, the majority of players don’t reach a score of 10. In fact, if you are up to the challenge, the Creator offers FREE TUBING at his real life tubing establishment simply by posting a score in the top 10 players. Give it a try! You just may have what it takes to become a Toob Time Master! click the icon above from your device to download the game!